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Shoot RAW And Let Artificial Intelligence Handle Your Editing

Photographic professionals, hobbyists, and fanatics will tell you that you should be shooting RAW; no ifs, ands, or butts about it. But, what makes RAW so good? And how exactly can it improve the quality of your photos? We’re going to take you through the pros and cons of RAW and jpg files, and introduce you to eye-opening editing software.

shoot raw and let artificial intelligence handle your editing 01Looking at a RAW image directly off of your camera can be underwhelming, particularly when you compare your image to a jpg taken on the same camera. Your RAW image appears grey while you’re jpg seems to have a substantial amount of punch; there is a reason for this. Jpg files undergo in-camera editing, where your camera’s finely-tuned software applies subtle edits to your image- such as white balance, exposure, and contrast- before you’ve even viewed the picture. The disadvantage of this, however, is that your camera works off of an algorithm, not a human brain. Your camera is simply adjusting the jpg image to ensure that your histogram is balanced, whereas you may have envisioned something different; perhaps you want the image to appear low-key and moody. This is not to say that jpgs cannot be edited- they can- but they do not offer nearly as much editing flexibility as RAW files do.

RAW files are just that- raw. They contain far more information than jpgs as they have not been compressed or processed; a simple comparison of the file size of RAWs and jpgs can prove this. As a photographer, it’s your job to ensure you use the full potential of RAW. But, where do you start? Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop are powerful editing tools, but they can take years to master, and they aren’t cheap. Nowadays, a quick search on Google brings up programs such as Photolemur, which was developed by a team of photographers.

Photolemur was developed to make editing easier; to make your photos look incredible with a few simple clicks. Offering tools such as colour recovery, exposure compensation, AND noise reduction (to name but a few), Photolemur is all you’ll need to make your happy-snap holiday shots look like picture-perfect moments.

Let’s get back to RAW photos. With Photolemur you can import your RAW photos, and very easily make the required adjustments. As an editing program it is far less labour intensive than other options, and makes use of simple sliders to achieve the desired effects; for the most part, this incredibly intelligent software will edit the photo for you. Earlier we spoke of your camera using an algorithm to edit your jpg files in-camera; well, Photolemur makes use of artificial intelligence. Capable of recognising faces, buildings, and even foliage, artificial intelligence can do all of your editing for you. Has the sky been blown out on a landscape photo? Not to worry, because it can be fixed, with barely a need to lift a finger.

shoot raw and let artificial intelligence handle your editing 02Some of its most popular features are the noise reduction and smart dehaze options, allowing you to improve photos that have been shot in low-light conditions like a cloudy day, or in a particularly hazy city such as Hong Kong. Not only does Photolemur make the adjustments for you, it also learns from you, and remembers how you like to edit. If you reverse an automatic edit, the artificial intelligence makes a note of this, and won’t apply the edit to your next batch. Another win from the Photolemur team, is that they’ve included options to save your jpgs, making it seem as if you shot them in RAW processing; get the clarity, colour, and contrast that you love.

It also offers the ability to edit multiple photos at once, so fairly soon you’ll be flying through your editing and packing your bags for your next adventure.

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