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Smart Keyword Research Techniques for Your Ebook

smart keyword research techniques for your ebookOne of the most important aspects of marketing your ebook is setting it up to be found in search engine rankings. If you’ve studied search engine optimization, you’re probably well aware of the importance of keywords to this effort. Here it’s important to note, this article will cover smart keyword research techniques for your ebook if you’re trying to learn how to sell on your own website. Selling on Amazon requires a different set of keyword techniques, which fall beyond the scope of this article.

With that said, here’s how to get it done.

The Power of Peripheral Phrasing

Let’s say you’ve written a book about high performance driving techniques. The logical keywords are “high performance driving” right? Problem is the logical keywords are also the most utilized, so anything you attach to them runs the risk of ranking poorly. Further, if you’re thinking of mounting a Google AdWords campaign around them, you’ll find competition makes those words quite expensive.

Instead, think of applicable keywords that are less likely to be mainstream. “Driving fast around curves”, “cornering a sports car”, “driving fast safely”, and “racing techniques for the street” come to mind. While individually, these long tail keywords might attract only mild results, combined, they will bring your book to the forefront of relevant searches. Thinking this way gets you into an area with less competition, which means more opportunity for success.

Consider Personality Types

When you’re considering how to sell ebooks on your own website, one of the smartest things to do is get a clear picture of the type of person for whom you’re writing. At minimum, you want to have a clear idea of their gender, age, average income and hobbies (ideally sports cars are one of them in this instance). It’s also helpful to have an understanding of their personal struggles and goals as they pertain to the subject of your book. This helps you think the way they do, which can lead you to the keywords they are likely to search.

Scour Relevant Forums

In all probability, if you’ve written a book about high performance driving, you’ve spent a fair amount of time on the ‘net in forums dedicated to sports cars, adventure drives and the like. If you pay attention to the way the people in them refer to different aspects of the topic, you’ll glean insights into powerful keywords of which the mainstream may be unaware. For example, most people have no idea what “heel and toe downshifts” are, let alone how to perform them. But driving enthusiasts discuss this technique in forums. Harvesting a phrase like “learning to heel and toe” is likely to produce strong results for your ebook.

The Wonderful World of Wikipedia

What if I told you there’s a site you can access that’s literally overflowing with keywords on just about every topic you can imagine? What if I told you those keywords were already aggregated and all you had to do was choose the ones most applicable to your topic—and it’s free? Well guess what, Wikipedia does this — if you know how to decipher it. Run a search for “high performance driver education on the site and you’ll get a list of articles pertaining to the subject. Skimming through those, you’ll find lots of relevant keywords you can use to attract searchers.

Employing these smart keyword research techniques for your ebook will help you drive more traffic to your site and gain more conversions. As an added bonus, it might also help you find your next book topic.

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