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Things to Consider in Order to Earn Money through Guest Posting

things to consider in order to earn money through guest postingMaking use of other people’s audience to gain online exposure is considered the simplest and quickest way of making money. You could decide to use emails with information concerning you, creating content with your name or requesting to guest post on their blogs. By so doing, you will be looking for something in return – making some money out of the practice. Yes, guest blogging is about earning a living and if you do it right, you can make a fortune out of the same. Read more here: and see how to get started.

If you are doing business, guest posting can be of great benefit to you. It helps to bring traffic to your site.

Well, before we look at how you are going to make money through guest posting, let us take a look at the techniques to help you attain appropriate sites for guest posting.

Finding the right guest posting sites

Before you think of the returns from your guest posting efforts, you must conduct a research and find blogs:

  • In your industry or niche
  • That accept guest posts

In this case, if you are looking forward to achieving the correct blogs for the purpose of guest posting on, then we recommend that you use Technorati, a huge blog directory where you can search and pick relevant topics. The blog directory consists of both “blogging” and “business” sections with numerous high quality blogs. Analyze the list to find blogs that have relevant content to your niche.

Topics to write on

For every site you intend to post your content on, take some time to go through their existing posts. Find out their most popular topics. What topics have a huge number of shares? Do you think there are topics that have not been covered, and feel they could be helpful to the readers? Spend time analyzing these sites so as to determine what to write about. In case you are not sure about the trending topics, it would be wise if you contacted the blog owner for suggestions.

Coming with a list of blogs and trendy topics therein for each one of them is vital. You can also use suggestions from the host bloggers to begin your writing. You must also relate well with your host bloggers to enable them accept your contribution as long as it is worth reading and relevant the moment it comes through.

The most effective way of relating with people is by establishing friendship with them. Avoid reaching out to bloggers with the “ME” approach. Let them understand that you want to offer them help and you will be surprised at how positive they are going to consider your contribution and link back to your site. Finally, when you interact with a big number of bloggers, your chances of letting your piece rise up are heightened.

Tips to help you gain the most out your guest posting efforts

  • Ensure to sell yourself – In order for your readers to understand your character and ability, you must be able to convince them that indeed you are realistically approachable and reliable. Let them know that you are a nice person and in case you did something exciting on that particular day, begin your content with your story. For instance, you could start with “the other day, I went skiing and …” while these words may seem useless, you will be showing your readers that you are an exciting person and that people of your nature go skiing. Thus, skiing isn’t a cheap sport and you must be daring to join the sport. Do not just say, “I am a successful person” as people will look at you as being more egocentric and possessive.
  • Whatever you create, link back to it – It would be unwise for you to come up with a blog and not direct people t where they can find more info regarding you. Having a direct reaction in your writing is critical. Tell them to visit your site by connecting to blogs posts that are related to your blogs within your posts. In this case, if you are looking for the exact match, then linking back to your own post on exact match domains someplace in your post is a wise idea.
  • Get hold of the Clickthrough Traffic – Many blogs tend to shun linking to a much more squeezed page following each post; but, they are most likely to allow you to redirect to your own blog. In order to get hold of traffic whilst flowing, you should consider getting a PopUPDomain set-up. This will enable you to arrest some of the visiting leads on your website.
  • Telling a story in your piece – The most effective way you can use to show and convince your readers is via story-telling. As it were, story-telling stands out as the most powerful device as it helps you to showcase your credibility and reliability. Story is great considering that it makes people to give in to their defenses thereby offering you the opportunity to convince them without any kind of resistance. Visit us at to learn more concerning the effectiveness of story in writing.

Bottom line – If you are looking forward to earning revenue through guest posting, then following the above tips to the latter is critical. There are, of course, many ways to achieve your guest posting goals – visit us to understand more on the same.

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