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5 Excellent WordPress Development Tips to Help You Build Better Themes

tips to develop better wordpress themes
The WordPress themes industry is very competitive whether that’s for premium or free themes. If you are a theme developer and you’re wondering why your themes aren’t getting purchased or downloaded frequently, it’s probably because they aren’t good enough in terms of development. Building a theme takes a lot of hard graft and sometimes it’s easy to forget about certain elements that make a WordPress theme amazing. Here are a few tips you need to implement into your development practices to ensure you can build better ones.

1. Develop an Understanding of Custom Theme Options

One of the best features a theme can have is its own custom theme options page. Yes, all themes can be customised using the basic WordPress customiser, but it doesn’t provide sufficient features and doesn’t give you a lot of theme options. It’s important you concentrate on understanding what features people want to be able to change when it comes to using WordPress themes and it will give your themes a much better chance of success.

2. Shortcodes Rule

When users are adding content to a post or page they may benefit from the use of a shortcode instead of typing loads of code in – and that could be the difference that sets your themes apart from the rest. Shortcodes can be added to any theme quite easily using the functions.php file, but many developers forget about them – don’t be one of those developers!

3. Use Online Tools to Streamline Development

Being able to streamline the main development project will not only get the job done quicker but it also means you’ll have more time to develop more functions or improve the theme’s security. There are many tools online that will help you develop your themes quickly and one job that seems to take a lot of time is dummy posts. Developers will often spend hours creating dummy posts so they can test their theme, but they could simply download an already made dummy post from the internet. It’s simple jobs like that that would usually take hours when it should only take a couple of minutes.

4. Simple Additions Will Work in Your Favour

It really is the simple elements of a WordPress theme that can really a difference. Always plan and spend time implementing small features and you will find that can really make a difference in theme popularity.

5. Plan Your Theme Development Project in Detail

plan your wordpress development
Ask yourself why you’re building the theme and what sort of industry it’s going to serve. Then decide on what functions and features it needs to thrive. If you plan your theme development project in as much detail before getting your head into a load of code, you’re going to find the whole project runs smoothly and it will get done quicker. If you look at the page source of you will see it was developed on the WordPress platform. That website was planned in extreme detail beforehand even though it’s a simple site, and it was the planning that made the theme a success.

Final Conclusion

There are many tips and helpful guides online when it comes to WordPress theme development, but if you follow the basics above you’ll find your themes will become much more popular among the WordPress community.

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