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When browsing the web, you’ll find an awful of websites built with Angular. It goes without saying that since Angular released in 2009, till nowadays, it is the most powerful and widely used framework that is a mandatory tool for user interface development. In this insightful review, we’ll analyze the best Angular websites and define the key mission of this tool.

Why Angular Is Used

angular js logoOverall, AngularJS is a powerful front-end Javascript framework that has one mission – to built single-page web apps. Angular JS first appeared in 2009, but the new rewritten version was released in 2016, and the abbreviation JS isn’t used anymore. It has a very rich standard library that offers a variety of custom extensions. This tool is based on TypeScript; therefore it meets the needs of various users – those who wish to create their first startup and those who want to develop a market-leading application.

When using Angular, software programmers don’t spend time in vain. Simply put, there’s no need to waste their precious time downloading and installing tons of extensions. This tool enables them to create a superb web app with impressive design and numerous features.

you should also know that this framework is based on MVC architecture that allows developers to isolate the logic of the application from the interface, enhances data binding, and make the whole web development process easier.

What Websites Use Angular: A Brief Overview

Here’s an overview of the leading Angular sites that you’ve already heard about.


The overriding purpose of this well-known American service is to provide its users with an opportunity to enjoy a wide array of movies, TV shows, series on different devices. It includes a comprehensive library of films and legal content in 4K resolution. Moreover, this service also offers DVD delivery for those users who have no internet connection but want to use the service.

netflix angular website
In very deed, this service needs no introduction. Today, it includes 167 million users in 130 countries. The developers used the Angular framework as the main frontend tool but its backend part was made with Flask and Python. Angular is also used for constituting various themes and animation to the streaming features so that it always has a bright and dynamic user interface. This helps meet the preferences of different users.


When analyzing online payment companies, this one is a leader in this area. Today, it’s the most popular electronic payment platform that is rapidly developing. Users from 200 countries can use their extensive range of services. It supports 25 currencies today. It goes without saying that the freelancing market is extremely popular today, and millions of freelancers are using PayPal to get payment for their services.

paypal angular js
This platform features a dynamic build for mobile and web apps. Both use white and blue interface which perfectly meets the needs of various users from pole to pole. This platform was made with Angular. Developers used this framework to generate dynamic HTML elements that guarantee safe monetary transactions on the web.

Due to Angular, PayPal has powerful functionality. Here are the main sections where this framework was used:

  • The authorization option. If you have ever tested PayPal, you probably know that the registration procedure takes a few seconds only. All this is thanks to the Angular framework.
  • The website’s tutorials and basic recommendations were also developed with the help of this framework.
  • A parent page and the process of adding a credit card.

It’s a comprehensive guide for those who wish to know where to have dinner, the best place for the first date, celebrating an anniversary, and much more! Simply put, its main goal is to provide its users with information about the best places to eat. Moreover, its users also have a fair opportunity to learn more about the nearest hotels and choose the right destination to spend a night. Here, Angular was used to make various classes dynamically. In such a scenario, they are available to various customers on request and provides them with a simple navigable interface.

The Guardian

The main mission of this platform is to provide its users with the latest news regarding politics, sport, technological achievements, and much more. Being the most popular British news service, it gradually becomes popular worldwide. It has more than 42 million visitors that always look forward to the latest news. This website is also based on the Angular framework. In such a scenario, developers chose Angular because this tool helped them build endless scrolling search results. In this case, RxJS extension was used.

the guardian angular website
Angular was also used to develop “Grid” – a popular management system that includes more than 3.000.000 photos (more than 20.000 photos are added on a daily basis).


We all use Wikipedia from time to time, but unfortunately, it has poor design and some navigation issues. Wikiwand is a brand-new solution that can easily be installed on your browser and guarantees a seamless user experience.

With the help of Angular, the developers managed to achieve excellent readability and avoid all the problems related to navigation. Wikiwand has simple and easy to understand sections; it takes seconds to find necessary information out there.

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Angular is not new and it doesn’t require promotions.  Moreover, today, it’s a must-have tool for modern developers. No matter what goals you have – need to build an easy-to-use messaging application or a huge eCommerce platform – this tool might meet the needs of any project. This framework guarantees that your website or app will handle high loads. All in all, with this framework, the whole development process is faster and easier!

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