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Top Five Wix Apps You Should Include in Your eCommerce Store

Whilst the Wix website builder packs in plenty of features to help you create a great looking online store, many of these in-built tools can only go so far.

Sure, they do a great job of helping every folks like you and me to build our store initially make it as attractive as possible, but beyond that, it can often feel like you’re pretty much on on your own.

That’s where the Wix app store really comes into its own, adding extra levels of functionality and user interaction that can really help you to improve your new eCommerce website and attract those all-important customers.

With that being said, here’s our guide to the top five Wix apps you should definitely include in your online store.

Easy Customer Contact

Though your Wix website does come with a few in-built tools to help you create functional email forms, that often isn’t enough to satisfy those customers who need your support right there and then.

That’s where Easy Customer Contact comes into its own, packing in a wealth of powerful features to allow you to offer live web chat, voice calling mobile text and email to your customers so that they can contact you in a way that really works for them.

Along with a dynamic online dashboard where you can easily manage all your interactions from one place, you also get access to an Easy Customer Contact mobile app so that you can be on call to help your customers even when you’re in the office.

SEO Wizard

Whilst all the best eCommerce platforms we’ve seen do a great job of helping you get your website launched, very few go all out to help you attract customers and ensure your website is found by your target market.

On the surface, that does include WIx, too, though thankfully the company do offer a number of free and premium apps to help you improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization and get yourself found by the right people for the right reasons.

Out of all these, we prefer the simple yet powerful SEO Wizard, which takes most of the hard work out of optimizing your site and, best of all, does it without charging you a penny.

Video Maker

Did you know that your customers are far more likely to remember something they’ve seen in a video than anything they’ll read in even the most expertly crafted website copy. That’s why adding a video to your eCommerce website can go a long way to engaging your customers and ultimately boosting your sales.

With this simple little Wix app, you don’t need to be the next Spielberg, or even have his kind of money, to create a looking video for your site. Just use the simple to navigate interface, select your characters, ‘props’ and animations, and let Video Maker bring the whole thing to life for you.


If your new eCommerce website is any kind of success, you’ll soon be handling lots of payments, needing to send out invoices and handling all that back-end bookkeeping stuff. Unless you’re really on the ball with all this, it can soon get out of hand, especially if you’re like many people for whom keeping on top of the invoices is hardly the most exciting thing in the world.

With the Plus or Biz version of InvoiceASAP incorporated into your WIx online store, you’ve got everything you need to eliminate those confusing, time consuming processes and do everything quickly and simply.

Flok Customer Loyalty

There are few ways better guaranteed to ensuring repeat custom for your online store than rewarding your most loyal customers with special discounts and other promotional goodies. The Flok Customer Loyalty app for Wix makes this whole process easy and enjoyable – just add in a few simple details, then sit back and watch your loyal customer base grow.

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