website-builderWhether it’s to showcase your portfolio, sell products or simply reach out and share your thoughts with the world, you’ve probably already decided that the best way to do it is by building your own website.

Having already started to go it alone, you’ve decided you’re going to make this a solo mission too. For one thing, your budget just won’t stretch to paying the expensive fees charged by professional web designers. For another, you quite like the idea of doing it yourself and retaining complete control and creativity at each stage of the process.

Yet what you haven’t yet quite decided is just how you’re doing to do it.

If you’ve come this far, we’re willing to bet that you’ve already researched at least a few alternatives, and now you’re torn between two:

Do you put your creative energies to work in dragging, dropping and customizing with an online website builder, or do you channel them instead into creating a content-rich site using one of the many Content Management Systems (CMS) available within your budget?

Before you can really make the best decision on which one is right for you, it might help to first look at the differences between a CMS and a website builder, and discuss which more is more suited to your particular needs. We recommend that you use a website builder comparison site such as so you see which online builder is best suited.

By the by, we’re talking different means to the same end here. With both products, you develop a website that looks fantastic, functions perfectly and helps you to deliver exactly what your audience want from you.

Yet the route you take to get there is going to be different depending on which option you go for.

Website builders

Using an online website builder is by far one of the quickest and easiest ways to get a top quality website up and running.

Selecting from any number of pre-existing templates, you can change just about every element to best reflect your brand, then set about adding images, texts, videos, maps and more.

Depending on how much -or how little- you customize and add to your site, it’s possible to get a professional standard website launched in just an hour so, ideal if you’re on a deadline or otherwise just need something up there pronto.

On the downside, when it comes to editing and maintaining your site long term, you may find that you’re limited in what you can do depending on the type of site builder you go for. Adding a new page may mean building one from scratch, whilst making updates to your existing content means going into your template and negotiating through all the other material on your site to get to the single part you want to change.

Popular website builders include Wix, Weebly and Squarespace among a host of others.

Content Management Systems

The simplicity of website builders makes them the ideal solution for beginners, who can dive right into creating impressive looking sites with scarcely any technical know-how. With a CMS on the other hand, newcomers may find a little training is needed to really make the most out of their platform of choice.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of them though, Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal offer seemingly limitless flexibility and functionality.

Use a CMS to power your website, and the chances are that you’ll have to invest more time in the initial design and development of your site. Yet once that’s done, editing, updating and handling the day-to-day management of your site is far easier than it would be with most website builders.

As the name suggests, Content Management Systems make ideal solutions for content-rich sites, and of course, a site with lots of fresh, new content being added on a regular basis stands a far greater chance of driving in traffic than a static site with infrequent updates.

Which one you should opt for mostly depends on your needs. If you’re a beginner looking to get a quality website online with no hassle, no coding and practically no time, a website builder is likely to be your best option. If however, you have a little time on your hands and know a thing or two about building websites, you’ll find the power of a CMS can open up new doors to your online world.

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