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Once the redesign and development process of your site comes to a close and you are ready to launch it, do not think that your hard work will pay off just like that. Re-launching a website is not an easy task. It is in fact a fraught that has its own series of perils. Especially, when you know that your search engine optimization and the site rankings are not permanent and immune.

Therefore, if you do not have a solid understanding of are the things that you should look out for what can possibly go wrong, you will not be able to launch your site successfully and expect to have the same rank, the same number of traffic to it and better sales prospects.

  • There can be a few inadvertent major issues to the technical makeup of the site
  • There may be issues with its structure and framework
  • There may be specific and working URLs and links missing and lots of such issues.

You must therefore have a well-intentioned marketing team working in collusion with the most professional and expert web design agencies behind your redesigning project. They will follow the SEO best practices and the most carefully created website redesign SEO checklist that will protect your site and help it to prevent any negative impact on its future traffic, possible leads, and probable sales.

Ways to redesign

Therefore, it is important that when you redesign your site you should do it with full confidence. The good news is that with proper research, careful planning and strategic execution, you will be easily able to avoid most of the issues.

In order to redesign with confidence, you will need to know how to plan a successful website redesign. For this you will have to fond the relevant and best answers to various questions. Put up these questions to the web developer or your web design team as and when you deem necessary along the way.

  • This will help you understand each of the steps that needs to be followed in a much better ways so that you can take the best approach during the relaunch of your newly designed website.
  • It will also help you to know the common pitfalls of website redesign process and the specific ways in which you can avoid them.

Therefore, it goes without saying that you will need to follow careful steps before, during, and after a relaunch.

  • This will ensure any chances of detriment to the site rankings, traffic, and lead conversions is categorically mitigated and your new site is clued-up for success.
  • This will in turn ensure that you do not make any digital marketing disaster with your website redesign.

Therefore, look out for a few helpful downloadable checklists that will help you a great deal in each phase of your redesign process.

seo web redesign

Key SEO considerations

During your redesign and before the relaunch of your site, make sure that the checklist contains all the following SEO considerations. All these steps may seem very small to you while you prepare for the launch especially when you have a few high-priority preparations to make regarding the relaunch. However, these small steps are as important and effective in assuring the success of your site redesign. Therefore, make sure that your web development team follows these steps.

  • Make sure that you confirm with your web development team that the staging site is password protected.
  • Also make sure that the pages contain a meta=> “NOINDEX” tag.
  • You must also make sure that your web development team or the agency performs a pre-launch crawl of the staging site.
  • Check that all of the on-page elements are optimized properly and are producing the desired results most effectively.

Lastly, create a 301 redirect by them and also have a person responsible for checking how well it is written. This will ensure that all of the SEO elements are in place and your site is ready for the relaunch.

SEO checklist during the relaunch

When all of the above elements that are responsible for your on-page optimization are in place, you surely are ready for relaunch, but you are not done yet. There are a few more key steps to follow on launch day of your site just to ensure that it hits the target and runs successfully.

  • First, you will need to make sure that your new site is reachable to the search engines when it goes live. For this you will have to disable the password protection and also remove the NOINDEX tag. This will ensure that the search engine crawlers as well as your visitors have easy access to your site.
  • Immediately implement the 301 redirects next when your site is live and accessible. Double-check it so that you are sure that it is transferring valued link equity. This will help you to avoid sending the search engine crawlers to any blocked site.
  • You must also make sure that every element in the site is working properly, no matter how much time it consumes. Check every page of your site to ensure that is live and is displaying everything correctly. Check for missing pages, design errors and broken internal links that can cause a bad user experience.

All these checks will prevent your site from damaging your authority with Google and is driving the results just as you want.

seo checklist before launch website
Yes, you can use different tools for checking your newly designed site, but that will only help you to identify and address only a few specific issues. It is essential therefore to have a manual review to make sure that the designing, messaging, as well as the functionality of the site are all up to the standards and requirements of your company. It is only then that these will reflect your decision for the redesign process and everything is done correctly.

Therefore, without a proper plan for your redesign and relaunch, you will never be able to keep the traffic coming to your new site and maintain your SEO results, putting everything safeguarded and in the right in place.

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