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What Does Optimizing Web Design for Video Content Entail?

optimizing website for video contentMost websites nowadays incorporate video content in some form or other. But before you start adding videos to your website, you should first take a quick step back and make sure that your web design is optimized to cater to video content.

Optimizing a web design for video content can be fairly involved, but knowing what it entails is a good place to start.

Video Placement

The first area that you need to look at is the placement of your videos within the web design. Just like any other web design element you should define how and where your video will be displayed.

Keep in mind that videos are a unique type of element, and when they are used as content they are normally meant to be the focus of attention. As such their placement should reflect that, and you should try to make certain they are positioned prominently above the fold.

Assuming your web design is responsive (which it really should be) – the video placement should be just as prominent on mobile devices as well.

White Space

If you aren’t careful, adding video content to your website can make the design look ‘busy’ and cluttered. Ensuring there is enough white space around the video can help to mitigate that however, and ideally your video should have a decent amount of padding that separates it from other elements.

The white space that pads your video should be clean and not contain any other patterns or imagery. That is why in some cases placing a video directly onto a website’s background may not be ideal, and instead adding another element behind it to act as its background may look much cleaner.

Page Speed

Last but not least you should pay close attention to how adding videos to your website affects its page speed. If the page loads too slowly it could affect its SEO, and increase its bounce rate as well.

To improve the page speed when adding videos, you should define the height and width of the video in the HTML or CSS code. On top of that you should avoid using autoplay, as that will require more data to be loaded before the page is displayed.

If the page speed is still too slow you may even want to look at optimizing other parts of your web design to make it faster.


Creating videos is really the easy part nowadays, and with just your smartphone and a decent video editor you should be able to come up with fairly good content for your website. For example you could use Movavi Video Editor for Mac ( if you need a place to get started.

By optimizing your web design before you publish videos on your website however, you can make certain they have the impact that you want and don’t adversely affect it in any way. Suffice to say if you’re hoping to tap into the potential of videos and engage viewers – a well-optimized web design is a good place to start.

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