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5 Things You Need to Know About Email Web Hosting

how to choose business email hosting
Email web hosting has been around for more than two decades during which time its popularity has grown tremendously especially among businesses and professionals. With this service, you can create unique email addresses that not only help you communicate with others but also enable you establish a memorable brand.

Here, we discuss five things you need to know if you’re considering purchasing an email hosting service for your business.

Hosting emails and web files on the same server is possible but not advisable

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a big budget for email hosting, you can sit email data on the same server as your web files. While this is a money-saving move, it might not be a great strategy for the long-term especially if your company is growing fast or already established. For starters, most web hosts are not well-equipped to offer quality email hosting services – it’s probably not their forte anyway. What’s more, if your hosting company experiences a downtime, then both your email and website go down – a classic case of putting eggs in the same basket.

So, what to do?
Whenever possible and before your data amount grows too huge to migrate easily, separate your email hosting from your web hosting. Preferably, only work with companies that specialize with offering email hosting services. This guide by Mangomatter Media is a good starting point if you’re looking for tips for finding proven and affordable services.

Email hosting is best suited for businesses

Let’s face it. Today, there’s no shortage of free email services that you can use to communicate at no cost. However, if you’re trying to build a brand that people will remember, hosting your own unique emails is one of the best tactics you can use to enhance the process. This way, you’re able to create professional-looking email addresses that not only impress your recipients but also sell your brand quickly.

business email trusted by recipient
Statistics show that emails from private addresses are less likely to be opened and responded to by strangers compared to those bearing known business brands. A professional email address adds credibility to your emails as it makes your recipients see your business as legitimate.

Email web host features are important when choosing a provider

Whether you’re looking for an email hosting service for your startup or an already established business, one of the key considerations are the features provided by your preferred company. Remember that you’re subscribing to a premium service that needs to offer more features than your standard, free options. As such, ensure that the services you’re getting including server disc space, security, location, and support are sufficient for your emailing needs.

email spam protection
For example, you’ll need a significant amount of storage space if you anticipate quick business growth and accumulation of email data. Besides, you need to ensure that your provider has invested in reliable spam protection tools to help you easily filter emails from illegitimate sources. Other features you cannot afford to ignore especially if you’re looking to conduct mass emailing include email forwarders and auto-responders.

There are several types of email servers

Email web hosting providers offer various types of email servers for different purposes. As a beginner, you might find the terms and abbreviations used here, so we’ll explain a few key ones below.

types of email hosting

  • POP3 Email Hosting

    This type of email hosting is best suited for users who spend most of their time offline. Here, email data is downloaded automatically so that you can view it even when your internet is off.

  • IMAP Email Hosting

    This type is known to offer high-levels of email security and is perfect for users wishing to access emails from various devices. The emails remain on the server with the viewing software receiving updates every few seconds.

  • ISP email Hosting

    This is mostly offered by web hosting providers that allow you to upload email data on your space in the webserver. While there’s a limit to the number of emails you can send from the servers, it’s a relatively cheaper option compared to the two types above.

Expensive doesn’t always mean superior

There’s a common misconception that the best email hosts are expensive. Like anything else, it’s important that the service provider justifies their higher pricing by highlighting the additional or superior services they are offering. For example, a pricey provider should be able to offer premium features like 100% uptime guarantee or money back, break-proof security, flexible server locations, a feature-rich email server, and quick reachability during emergencies. But if you don’t see the need for all that, we recommend that you go for a provider that falls within your budget range and offers services that meet your emailing needs.

What else do you know about email web hosting? We would love to hear your feedback!

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