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When it comes to product design, there are a ton of options. Especially for new product designers. The software and platforms available to new product designers can be overwhelming, and be counterproductive. Product designers want to make the design process as simple and efficient as possible.

There are a lot of newbie product designers on the scene now too. In fact, product design jobs are starting to play a role in the economy with over 50 percent of new manufacturing jobs aiming to fill product design positions. That’s pretty amazing.

But product design is no easy position. There are new cars, furniture, houses, and more to be designed. The use of CAD software is useful, as well as other software and platforms a newbie product designer can employ for success.

To help in your design journey, we compiled a list of six software options and platforms to keep you on track. Let’s take a closer look.

1. PCB Design Software

For product designers stuck on electronic design, PCB design software can be very helpful, especially for product design newbies. PCB design software is used for electronic design automation, or EDA, in the space of printed circuit boards (PCB).

For instance, platinen design software like Altium has assisted in the growth and success for product designers and companies for next-gen electronic products and systems.

2. There’s An App For That

Apps have pretty much become the norm, and when it comes to product design, nothing is different. Now there’s an app for industrial designers. Smartphone apps like Red Dot delivers already built assets for product designers to begin new designs.

Apps like this for industrial design are great starting points for newbie designers, or even those interested in product design as a whole, like students in college, or at multiple lower academic levels.

3. Design Sketching Help

All product designs that come to fruition begin with a sketch. This makes design sketching an important element in the product design process. But design sketching is a bit more complex than simply sketching something quickly.

To help newbie product designers, a number of design sketching platforms and applications are available. From planning to drawing product models, basic knowledge can be achieved for beginners to move to novice product design sketch levels. You can even take a few online course.

4. Build Your Product Designer Network

Newbie product designers can learn a lot from those who have the industry knowledge and experience for success. This makes networking in the space of product design essential for beginners. You may not think there are many places to network among other product designers, but there most certainly is.

For example, Linkedin and Behance can be great platforms to begin your networking. On Behance, you can meet professional designers and learn about strategies and even share your work. Who knows, you may even get a job offer.

5. Collaboration Is Important

The product design industry is a vast network of professionals. Once you begin networking you will see just how many product designers you can call upon for guidance and advice.

This is also a clear call to action to keep collaboration at the forefront of every design. When on a design project, you will need to collaborate with a number of other designers, managers, and clients.

To do this, you need to have a collaborative software or platform to share your design, get valuable feedback in real-time, and track modifications. For example, software like GrabCAD Workbench can be useful in collaboration and streamlining the design process.

6. Pricing Product Design Projects

When first starting out, you may find pricing and setting deadlines for projects pretty difficult. This is nothing to beat yourself up about, since you don’t have the experience under your belt to know how long and how much.

To ease your transition from product designer hobbyist to getting paid, you can use software like Innovative Product Design to deliver pricing and timelines. From sketch to production, you can map out the entire process. This gives you a professional look and competitive edge when beginning your product design career or business.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above six product design software and platforms for design newbies is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are tons more tips and tricks to employ in order to become a professional designer.

Whether starting out with your own startup or working for a company, make the most of each design with the help of technology. What software or platform helped you when you started your product design career? We want to hear from you.

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