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6 Products Every Lawyer Needs

6 products every lawyer needs

It is no easy feat to pass the Bar Exam. An average of 25% of working attorneys has had to retake it at least once.

The Bar, of course, is just the beginning. To operate a thriving practice there are many tools a lawyer may take advantage of.

So, which ones are absolutely essential? Here are six tools that every lawyer ought to have:

1) The Right Billing and Management Software

From Public Defenders, to Private Practices, to Mega-Firms, one thing remains clear: attorneys must be paid for their services.

After sifting through the dozens of software in this category, one product kept popping out. Called PracticePanther, this web App provides a variety of user-friendly services like time tracking, expense management

This desktop and mobile-friendly software guarantees proper payment will occur.

2) The Right Estate Planning Tool

Many lawyers specialize in estate planning. Whether or not this is an attorney’s specialty, they will most likely provide this type of assistance at some point in their career; perhaps for themselves or for a family member.

Just like billing management, there are many instruments to choose from to help with this. Estate planning software for attorneys can be tricky to find. Practical Planning System is an optimal choice for those in the field, and for those looking to secure their estate.

This software’s biggest asset is the strength of its ability to assist. Its mission states that 80% of the time, one need not ever answer more than 10 questions about any individual document.

3) The Right Workflow Organizer

Most lawyers have undoubtedly experienced massive pile-ups of paperwork. It just comes with the territory.

The trick is coming up with a workflow system that works best for you and will get you through each case.

That being said, there are terrific tools to help with legal document management like “Clio” and “HoudiniEsq”, two highly rated workflow automation Apps.

4) The Right Client Interaction Aid

As deadlines, court dates, and paperwork accumulate for each case, it is often easy to get tunnel-vision and focus solely on getting the job done.

While the ability to see each case through to the finish is an asset, the amount of work that goes with it often makes it easy to forget that, at its core, being an attorney is a service-industry job.

With that in mind, a tool like “MyCase” can be hugely effective. MyCase gives clients the ability to view their case, see updates and court dates, and allows them to pay their attorney directly through the App.

5) The Right Marketing Tools

As deadlines, court dates, and paperwork accumulate for each case, it is often easy to forget that lawyers are running a business.

Like any other business, the word has to get out about it. This means advertising. And in this day and age, that means digital marketing.

Additionally, there are marketing companies that specialize in “search engine optimization” which helps a firm to appear higher up in search engine results.

6) The Right Way to Finish the Job

Most lawyers will admit that one of the hardest parts of their job is getting their clients to pay.

PracticePanther is a great tool to ensure that this happens- and on time.

This tool has a billing feature, an accounting tool with the option to sync with Quickbooks, Intake Form templates, and a Time Tracking widget that calculates billable minutes.

The Right Tools for the Best Lawyers

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of tools to choose from.

Nevertheless, the six mentioned above will make good lawyers more efficient from new client intake to payment, and make a good firm better equipped to handle anything thrown its way.

You’re already a great lawyer. Use these tools and become unstoppable.

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