seo toolsWhile competition is probably not something you’re fond of seeing in large numbers, you’d be surprised how useful it can be. Why is this so? Because you can spy on it to see what it’s doing, identify the winning strategies, then use them yourself! After all, they wouldn’t be using them for no reason. This will also give you a clear idea on how to proceed with your marketing and growth hacking efforts. Understandably, trying to do this manually takes a considerable amount of time.

If only there was a tool that could facilitate this and make it easier… well, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to be showcasing not one, but 10 of them:

1. Monitor backlinks

Want to know where your competitors are getting their backlinks from? This SEO tool was designed to reveal all of their secrets. For your convenience, you can also get them sent directly to your email account’s inbox. The reporting is quite detailed, since it allows you to sort them based on follow-dofollow, highest and lowest domains, etc. The dashboard is neatly organized and laid out in a very structured manner, and it also allows you to look at how much your competitors are earning. But, most importantly, the tool makes it easy to identify new link-building opportunities.

2. SocialMention

In case you’re interested in what your competitors are doing on social media, this is the tool to use. Here’s how it works: first, you enter a keyword (this can also be the company name of one of your competitors). Then, the tool will proceed to comb through the social media and try to find any mentions of it. If it finds it, it will tell you exactly how many times it was mentioned. And the best part about it? It’s completely free of charge!

3. is the ultimate tool for content marketing and SEO. In order to drive more traffic to your website, you need to get it ranking for more keywords. What better way is there to do this than analyze which keywords are bringing the most traffic to your competitors? With it, you’ll be able to identify both the weak as well as their strong points and use the knowledge to your competitive advantage. The tool also monitors news websites and helps you identify strategic content opportunities.

4. SemRush

This is one of the most detailed tools for analyzing the data of your competition. Simply by heading to their website, you’re presented with an input box where you can enter a competitor’s website address. The tool reveals the keywords they’re ranking for and driving traffic from. Now here’s the kicker – this tool also analyzes the ads and determines which ads are making them money. The results are neatly organized and presented in a graphic format.

5. Ahrefs

This is another top-notch tool for checking the backlinks that are pointing to any particular website. You can also organize the results based on IPs. All in all, this tool is quite well known in the SEO industry and many third party tools rely upon its database to siphon data from it. In case you’re only after a limited set of data, you’ll be able to use it free of charge. If the opposite is the case, monthly subscription fees apply.

6. Majestic SEO

Another great tool to check the backlinks of your competitors. Simply enter a website address and Majestic SEO will construct a custom link profile. In other words, thousands of backlinks will be displayed right in front of you. If you require more in-depth analysis, the tool allows you to export the results which can be imported into other third party programs afterwards.

7. Topsy

Do you need in-depth analysis of your competitors’ tweets? Then this is the tool for you. You can analyze a wide array of metrics; from the exact number of tweets a company has posted and all the way to the ones that were the most influential. You can also slice and dice the results even further, depending on what you need.

8. InfiniGraph

This is a tool for spying on social media activity of your competitors. However, it’s the most effective if you have a social media following of your own. All in all, it will be of great use to you if you want to find out more about the trends in your industry, as well as profile your followers. All of this functionality is quite objectively awesome for the price tag of – you’ve guessed it – zero!

9. SpyFu

No list of tools would be perfect without mentioning SpyFu, one of the most efficient spying tools out there today. It being easy to use doesn’t really take away from the fact that it spies not only on organic traffic of your competitors, but also the paid traffic, so you’re truly getting a complete and well-rounded package. After the search is complete, you can download the list of keywords and import it into other tools of your choosing.

10. SpyOnWeb

Are you interested in all the resources a particular webmaster has at their disposal? Here’s how it works: you enter an IP, website address, or Google Adsense code, and the tool will do all the snooping for you. After that, it returns a list of domains belonging to that webmaster. You will also be able to see the domains that are hosted on the same IP address. So if you’ve ever wanted to see what niches a certain webmaster is targeting, this will reveal all you need to know.


Spying on others may have a negative connotation, but in the world of business, it’s sometimes a necessity if you want to get ahead of the pack and maximize your chances of success. That way, no second guessing will be needed, since you won’t be shooting blindly. Instead, you will be presented with a step-by-step strategy to follow, all the way to the top of the search engine rankings and the level of traffic you’ve always desired.

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