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Building Your Email List – 6 Epic Plugins

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Developing an e-mail list for your blog is the best step you can take for building an active blog following. However, many new bloggers struggle with building their e-mail list in the early days because they don’t know how to optimize leads and convert uniques from landing page to life-long subscriber.

Thankfully, there are a number of excellent e-mail list plugins for you to download that will gear your website to produce new opt-ins efficiently and effectively. Whether your blog is about being a personal injury lawyer in Surrey or a stay-at-home mom in Los Angeles, there’s a plugin that will work for you.

Here are a few of my favorites.

MailChimp For WordPress

If you want to run your e-mail list with MailChimp, why not go straight to the source? If you’re looking for a subscription service that doesn’t do too much and is easy to understand, MailChimp is made especially for you. It has basic options for customization, mobile phone compatibility, one-click subscription for comments and forums, and statistics integration straight onto your WordPress dashboard. This plugin only works for MailChimp users.

Price: Free

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leaders is dominating the subscription industry due to its mind-blowing subscription list capabilities. If you’re the type of person who loves to play around with features for A/B testing, then this plugin will put you in tweaking heaven. A few (but definitely not all), features included are the ability to send PDFs & eBooks to new subscribers, lock-up premium content, more than fifty form templates, a drag and drop editor, and of course, full comprehensive statistics.

Price: $67


This plugin has been around for awhile and is still a great tool. You’re able to create multiple variations of your pop-up boxes to test which ones run the most successfully. This is great for trying out new themes and testing compelling copy. It features advanced display options, content locking, simple customization, and it even allows you to add custom CSS to really get that extra boost.

Price: $19/month


Leadpages is often known for their blog which features in-depth content to help you grow your website, but their plugin is amazing too. Subscription boxes are easy to create using their system and you can expect to have your first one built in only a few minutes. It also has a unique feature that allows you to turn any link on your website into an opt-in box, complete with pop-ups. Leadpages comes with more than 70 landing page templates on unlimited domains, landing page hosting, a support staff, and can be integrated with any mailing list provider.

Price: $37/month

WP Subscribe

This lightweight plugin is simple to install and activate. It’s built in widget makes it simple to create an opt-in box directly in WordPress, so you don’t have to make one on a separate site. This plugin is best for those who want something simple, so don’t expect to be able to customize much without using CSS. However, it’s a good free tool for first time bloggers and the pro version features a lot more options.

Price: Free / $27 for pro version

Optin Panda

In addition to having an adorable name, this plugin runs pretty well too for those interested in content locking. Optin Panda comes complete with three content locker designs, an option to subscribe through social networks, and unlimited custom fields. There’s also analytic features, which will provide statistics reporting so you can know how your plugin is working.

Price: $17

There’s an opt-in plugin out there for everyone. Whether you strictly want content locking, something loaded with features, or just a basic subscription box. One of the first rules of blogging to garner success is to download an opt-in plugin and run A/B tests to make it as successful as possible.

Don’t simply settle for the first subscription box you create. Test out sidebar and footer widgets, look into pop-ups, create multiple versions of engaging copy, and if your plugin is giving you a headache, get a new one. E-mail lists are all about trial and error, but by experimenting with these plugins, you’ll be one large step closer to your goals.

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