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A driver is a driving force for your Computer and without one; your system will not be able to process any data or command. An outdated driver causes lags and system crashes as well. In short, your drivers must be installed and up to date in order for all applications and devices on your PC or laptop to run smoothly and function properly.

If you have updated your computer to windows 10 or any other window and you are now unable to connect to your wireless internet connection, you might want to consider the option of a driver update. Either you can update your existing driver on Windows 10 – normally on Windows 10, your WIFI driver is already installed by default – or if you want to uninstall and install the WIFI driver on your Windows again due to any reason, is possible for sure. If you are using PS3 EYE CAMERA. Then you can update PS3 EYE CAMERA DRIVES using CL Eye Driver easily.

We will now share a few ways to install the WIFI driver on your Windows 10.

Method 1

  • You need to go to the control panel on your device and look for the device manager
  • You will see a list of options here, look for the Network Adapters option here
  • Click on the arrow icon in front of the Network Adapters option and you will find a list opening here as well
  • If there is no WIFI adapter available here, it clearly means that the reason why you were unable to connect with the internet was due to the unavailability of the WIFI driver
  • In the same Device manager popup window in front of you, you can see the Action option on the top bar beside the file section
  • Tap on the Action option and a new option will appear with a bunch of the options, select scan for hardware changes option
  • It will start to scan while giving you a notification of scanning plug and play compliant hardware
  • Once the scanning is complete, you will be able to see a network adapter driver will appear in the same list of network adapters

Close the Device Manager window and try to connect with the WIFI connections available. You will now be able to connect your laptop with an internet connection.

Method 2

  • Go to the search bar right next to the Windows icon on your laptop and search for the Services (app)
  • Click on the Services option that appears and a new popup window with lots of options will appear
  • You will need to search for the WWAN AutoConfig option here. This option manages mobile broadband data card
  • Click on the AutoConfig option here and on the left side you will see a brief detail about this specific service and its functional details on your device also stating why it is important
  • If you see just above the description, you will be able to spot a start option highlighted in blue color, tap on it
  • Once you tap on it, it will start to configure the services on your computer. You might have to wait a little bit
  • Once the configuration process is complete, you will see that the status of this service is running in the same section when you found and clicked on it

Once the process is complete, close the window and restart your PC. Again try to reconnect your device with the WIFI connections and you will be good to go.You should also learn about using ps2 controller on pc.

Method 3

  • Go to the search bar option available right next to the Windows on your device. Here you need to type cmd. You will see that an option of Command Prompt will appear in your search result
  • In the same search result, your will be able to see a bunch of options right under the open option will be available, you need to choose the Run as administrator option here
  • Command prompt will open a popup window – with what appears to be a coding language – you need to type ‘netsh winsock reset’ and press the enter on your keyboard
  • After a while a message will appear on the same screen, it will be regarding some instruction of restart your device and status of completion of the command you just gave to the command prompt

You need to follow the instructions given to you and just restart your computer. It will resolve the issue and you will be able to enjoy the internet connection on your device once again.

Method 4

  • Now, for this method as well, you will need to go to the search bar and search for the Network Reset
  • Click on it and you will see clear instructions about this option. You can opt for this option if you agree that you might need to reinstall some software and switches once again and it will uninstall and reinstall all of your network adapters once again
  • You need to click on the reset now option and a new popup window will open. It will ask you to confirm with a Yes or No, to begin with, the process
  • Tap yes and it will give you a piece of clear information about the reset and restart the process with the exact date and time. Close all open windows.

After tapping yes, your system will be restarted or you can also restart your device.

Method 5

In this method, you can manually install your WIFI adapter. Download the compatible WIFI drivers with the help of another device and then transfer them on the laptop with a WIFI driver issue.

  • To download the adapter you need to choose the right adapter for your device. Check if you use Intel or other drivers on your drivers and download it from the official website of your device
  • Here we are using an intel device as an example, if you are an intel user follow this link

Download the adapter and install it on your device. You will be good to go and use the internet on your laptop once again.


The drivers must be installed and up to date for your WIFI connection to work properly. You can update these drivers manually and automatically with the help of network adapter options in the device manager.

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