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How to Optimize and Improve Videos for Online Use with Movavi Video Converter

MovaviVideoConverterNowadays videos are widely used online, with actual video content provided on blogs and websites, as well as used to market products or services via various video sharing platforms and social networks. It is safe to say that at some point or other you’re going to want to upload videos online too – and when you do so you should know how to optimize them to ensure the best results.

Optimization Based on Purpose

The trick with optimizing videos for online use is to first determine the type of use that you require, and then ensure that you have the software capable of handling it. For the latter the Movavi video converter will be perfect due to its ability to not only convert video formats but also tweak the video settings and codec.

Generally speaking, when you use videos online you’re going to do so either by uploading them to a video sharing website and then embedding a video stream on your website or blog uploading them to a server and providing a direct download link.

When it comes to video sharing websites the Movavi Video Converter will provide you with presets that you can use to automatically optimize your video for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many others. On the other hand if you’re interested in providing a direct download of your video then it is a question of optimizing the file size and compression – which the Movavi Video Converter also supports.

Improving and Enhancing the Video

Aside from optimizing the video file itself, there are several other ways in which you can improve and enhance your video using the Movavi Video Converter to prepare it for online use. With the features that are available you could choose to:

  • Trim any unnecessary video footage that isn’t needed.
  • Cut your video into several segments and replace parts of the footage or edit the order in which scenes appear.
  • Crop or rotate the video frame and orientation.
  • Enhance the quality of the video and correct any common issues such as pixelated, shaky, interlaced or blurry video segments.
  • Insert customizable text to form captions, watermarks, or subtitles.

While these features won’t directly optimize the video file itself, they will definitely help you to prepare your video so that it looks exactly the way you want it to when you upload it online. Because the Movavi Video Converter is also able to act as a full-fledged media converter, you may even want to consider other options – such as extracting the audio from video, creating animated GIFs, or grabbing screenshots from your video to use on your website or blog.

Long story short, there are numerous ways in which you could optimize and improve your video before you upload it online. Whether you’re interested in sharing it on social media, posting it as video content for your blog, or even just sending it to your friends and family – the Movavi Video Converter will provide you with all the tools you need to make it look perfect before you do.

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