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Reasons Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac is Better than VMware Fusion 8.5

vmware vs parallels
The rate at which the world is making progress is impressive. Many pioneers have come and gone attaining unparalleled achievements. The masterminds have served the world in a manner out of the ordinary. The reason behind our lives being so convenient is their extra-ordinary effort and skill. One of the companies that have clearly changed the landscape of the tech industry is Apple. Apple was only regarded as a fruit before the incorporation of the company on 1977 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Since its inception, Apple has come up with a variety of products. Core products being iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macintosh. With all concerns about Mac right now, it is a series of computer formed by Apple. There are many Mac models in the market available right now each one outstanding in its own fashion.

The Mac OS is the computer operating system of all products for Macintosh, Mac OS X being the latest one. The operating system is unique and noteworthy features, but everyone needs a change. For users operating the Mac for a long time, a change is essential. This is where virtual machines come into play. Virtual machines allow you to run two operating systems alongside one another on a single machine. When it comes to running Windows inside OS X, there are many options available to everyone. Two of them are VMware and Parallels. Each virtual machine has its own pros and cons. Some user might prefer one over another. Each one has its own preferences when selecting the suitable virtual machine. But since past few years, users tend to incline over Parallels Desktop 12 more than VMware Fusion 8.5. Here are five simple reasons behind such trend:

1. Ease of setup

There is a large difference between virtual machines and other applications. Virtual machines are relatively difficult to use and it goes much more beyond the setup. Even the setup requires not only installation. This is why having an easy setup process is very important.

Both Parallels and VMware have proper setup wizards to make your initiating process much easier. Both of them are similar in many aspects like allowing you to import your Boot Camp partition with ease. They even allow you to relocate an old Windows PC to your Mac. However, the Parallels have an edge over VMware in several respects. The setup process is a bit easier than VMware. The guide is even much more comprehensive relative to VMware. Especially for beginners, Parallels Desktop 12 is the ideal virtual machine. It is the most user-friendly platform of all being tested.

2. Additional Features

Each program has the same foundation performing the same thing fundamentally, but there are certain features that set them apart. Both the applications offer windowed mode support allowing you to operate single Windows application in its own window making it feel like a native Mac application. Parallel calls this coherence whereas VMware calls this Unity. This will allow you to copy and paste between Windows and Mac applications. Both of them allow you to open up individual Windows program directly from the dock making the process a lot easier. But there are few differences between Parallels and VMware. For example, Parallel supports Quick Look feature whereas VMware does not.

3. Performance

Performance is essentially important when it comes to virtual machines. The CPU-related tests were much better about Parallels than VMware. The overall performance of Parallels is better than VMware. For instance, the boot time is faster, transfer of files is quicker and it even saves more battery life. The benchmark tests are also better of Parallels than VMware. Parallels offers exceptional performance in all aspects.

4. Integration

Both the applications allow for full Microsoft integration allowing you to use Siri and Cortana, both on the Mac. There are a lot more things for users out there. But the Parallels support many other options like Dropbox and Google Drive allowing you to save a lot of space.

5. Extras

Parallel Desktop offers many other extras which will enhance the functionality of your usage. There are many features which will reduce your workload and make sure your virtualization objectives are met. Such features will not be available in VMware Fusion 8.5.


parallels desktop
As mentioned above, both the virtual machines are unique in its own style. Both offer distinctive feature’s but there are some things which distinguish the Parallels Desktop 12 in a better manner. Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac is a fast, easy, and powerful way to run Windows applications on your Mac—without rebooting. The reasons above are a clear indication of why Parallels is a better and a stronger option.

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