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Why Learning About Data Analysis and Statistics Can Be an Important Thing to Do If You Want to Be a Successful Blog Owner

blog owner learn data analysis and statistics
Data is important these days in just about every industry. The ability to gather, structure and gain new information from the data captured by systems is a valuable skill, and you can tell by how often you hear ‘big data’ used as a business buzzword that it is something even the largest corporations see the inherent value in. But what does having a good grasp of data and information management have to offer for someone who wants to make a living running successful blogs or other websites?

Here, we take a look at the advantages of studying data analysis and information management for website owners and administrators.

Analyzing Your Traffic the Right Way

Almost all website owners track their traffic to some degree, but many don’t really know what to actually do with that information, aside from watch the figures and be happy when they go up. In reality, your traffic data is pretty much priceless when it comes to your strategies for gaining the best possible traffic and monetizing your site, but only if you really understand which data is meaningful, and how much of it you need before you can draw any real conclusions.

If you have only four hits on your site and one of them is from Germany, that probably isn’t a sign that German people are your big untapped market and that you should be getting everything translated into German and throwing all your money at advertising there. However, if you have 20% of your traffic coming from Germany over a month when you got thousands of views, and all of it was to a specific article, you may have found that there were some keywords used in that piece that work at bringing in viewers from that audience.

Understanding Your Own Campaign Results

A lot of running a website is managing your own SEO, and you will probably find that this involves trying out a lot of different approaches and strategies, keeping on with what works best, and refining things to get the best results. Of course, you can only do this effectively if you really understand what your results are telling you.

Designing Your Own Data Storage

learn data storage
Another thing you can do when you know about information management and data analysis to a working level is know which data is most useful to you that you aren’t currently getting. You may want to know, for instance, which of two types of social media post is most effective at getting people in a certain demographic to click and visit your page. When you understand what you want from the data, it is easy to make sure you have things in place to actually capture that information and therefore give you that data to look at.

If you think you could benefit from learning more about data, then there are online degree courses you can do to study it in detail. Alternatively, if you don’t want that level of commitment, you could simply decide to dedicate a certain amount of time to reading up on website analysis techniques using online resources.

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