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Why Online File Storage is Important for Everyone

[sc:chitika300 class=’adsleft’]In this modern age, everyone now owned at least 2-3 backup storage such as 1TB portable hard drive or 5TB external storage drive. All the extra space to store your valuable and important stuff like music, photos, games and more importantly your work files. As a web developer myself, i personally own couple of 2TB portable hard drive to store my important files. Lesson learn, back in 2008, i had a workstation meltdown and all my files like invoices sheets, graphic files, project software etc were not saveable. I had to re-track all my contacts and clients through emails and let me tell you, its not an easy work to begin with.

So i began to do some research on online file storage. What i am looking for is a safe and secure and maybe ‘free’ online file storage that can support up to 10TB or better yet unlimited data for my online file storage usage. In the end i founded 5 online file storage service that meet my requirement so i did a survey on each of the online file storage services.

1. JustCloud

Just Cloud Free Online File Storage
Free and unlimited file storage and data storage. Just Cloud use a 256 bit secured socket layer encryption to secure your storage file and a 24 hours a day high tech cloud data centers that are monitored and secure your uploaded storage

2. Dropbox

Dropbox Online File Storage
Free but limited file storage service. they only offer a 2GB online file storage space. For a medium users, its more than enough but if you’re a power user like me then you can upgrade to their pro or business plan.


Box Online File Storage
An online file storage service that had over 150,000 business used. With Free Personal account, you can store 5GB to 50GB but limited to 1 user only. For a larger space storage and users, there’s a business and enterprise plan for unlimited file data transfer and storage.

4. LiveDrive

Livedrive online file storage
One of the premium online storage service but unfortunately it is not Free. Livedrive offer unlimited storage space for home and business plan. They also have a reseller plan for anyone want to sell the full range of Livedrive products to their customers

5. SugarSync

SugarSync File Sync Online Backup
One of the top competitor for Dropbox and They offer 5GB file storage for Free account and can go up to 500GB to Unlimited for Business plan. An out of the box sync service in all your chosen media device

Here’s a reasons why online file storage are important for a website developer and online developer. well heck everyone in that matters 🙂

Never lost, never regret again

Been there, done that. If you really don’t want to suffer the same fate as my “total lost” workstation’s data file storage then you might want to consider starting backup and sync your important files now before it’s too late. The time and effort to get back on your work routine is time and financial consuming. Nonetheless all the photos and videos you been stocked up over the years are so precious and not restore-able.

Share files with your friends and co-worker

With online storage service, you can share your musics, photos, documents and any transfer-able online material with your friends and co-workers. its easy and convenient if your friends and co-workers live in the other far part of the world.

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The reasons for having a online file storage account are good enough but the list of services provided don’t provide the true picture. For better understanding online file storage and your needs in general read this:

dropbox introduce corporate package last week than designed for larger storage and secure storage for corporate.

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